How To Increase Your Sales

At Vendor Events

The Ultimate System to Help You Maximize Your Sales at Vendor Events

  • Social Media Tips: It's difficult to generate revenue without an audience ready to buy, we'll teach you how to bring in more customers and loyal buyers through social media use.
  • Customer Interaction: We'll show you the do's and dont's of customer engagement, and how to connect with buyers in a way that brings them back.
  • Networking Tips: We'll explain ways to present yourself and your team that will make others feel welcome and comfortable
  • Product Knowledge: We'll teach you the best ways to discuss your products to make more sales.
  • Advertising your Products: You'll learn how to determine what product to sell at which events and how to adve
  • Presentation: You'll receive tips and tricks on how to present your booth/table and how to make your space look enticing to potential customers.

Hosted by festival event organizers

Greg & Tee Westbrook

Join Greg and Tee of Shop Black Fest in this FREE webinar created to help you make more sales at vendor events for your business.

This workshop is for first time vendors and seasoned business owners who want to maximize their sales with new ideas.

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